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  • Wed & Sun Group Salsa Lessons

    Wed & Sun Group Salsa Lessons

    Beginners / Intermediate

    8:00pm - Wednesdays
    5:00pm - Sundays

    Group salsa lessons do not require a partner and allow students to learn everything from the most basic salsa footwork to the more intricate intermediate and advanced partner moves.  In this relaxed environment, you will let the music move you and ....JUST DANCE!

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  • 3rd Saturday Salsa Underground

    3rd Saturday Salsa Underground

    10:30pm - 2:00am

    Salsa Meets Soul in the Basement...  

    Join Clahvay for an exciting night of dancing!  Takorea is a “funky midtown hacienda” with awesome food and a fully stocked bar.  You don’t want to miss it! Come out and dance, meet new people, and enjoy the fun and trendy atmosphere.

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  • Live Entertainment Book Us!

    Live Entertainment Book Us!

    Looking for an icebreaker to encourge people to mingle at a party with friends and family or a corporate event?  Clahvay can provide a group salsa lesson, performance and/or live band.

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Our Services

  • 1. Group Salsa Lessons

    Become a part of our weekly dance class or schedule us to join you at your location. 

  • 2. Private Salsa Lessons

    (One on One or Couples)
    Would you like to accelerate the learning process?  Private lessons are your ticket! 

  • 3. Live Entertainment

    Add a little spice to your parties by introducing your friends, family, and/or coworkers to the world of Clahvay's soulful dancing with a group lesson and/or a performance.